Wedding Gowns
Wedding dress cleaning and preservation requires a high level of expertise and personal care. At Jim Dandy Cleaners our professionally trained personnel will restore your wedding gown to perfection.  Your wedding gowns will go through a thorough process of cleaning and restoration.  This ensures that your dress will be in prime condition and perfect for preservation.  We help preserve the memories of your big day by dry cleaning wedding dresses with our time-tested process. Our wedding gown dry cleaning process is soft on the gown yet hard on stains, keeping the bright whites vibrant.  After we clean, box and preserve your gown, you will be able to treasure your gown for years to come, so perhaps one day your daughter or even granddaughter could wear this wonderful family heirloom.  We recommend that you store the box in a cool, dry place.

Couture Cleaning
Maintaining and preserving the integrity of your wardrobe garments is important. Jim Dandy Cleaners properly cleans and finish these specialty garments no matter what type of fabric, beads, sequins or dyes. After garments are expertly cleaned they are thoroughly inspected and packaged with the utmost care.  You’ve invested a lot in your wardrobe, let Jim Dandy Cleaners keep it at its original quality.

Leather and Suede Cleaning and Restoration
Jim Dandy Cleaners cleans and restores all leather and suede garments. These materials often aren't colorfast, and some dye may come out during cleaning. Also, leather and suede dry over time. That's why we add color as needed, preserving the item in top condition for years of use.  Our Freshening Service maintains your garment throughout the wearing season with delicate cleaning, conditioning and finishing. We recommend our Deep Cleaning Service at the end of the season to remove heavy soiling and to condition your garment for next season.

Fur Cleaning and Storage
Your fur represents a special investment that demands special care. Normal use exposes your fur to heat and humidity. As a result, the skin dries and can eventually crack. We clean your fur and fur-trimmed items using traditional, time-tested techniques to remove dirt and excess oil. Then, our fur specialists glaze the garment to bring out the fur's natural beauty. We can also repair your fur garments by replacing damaged skins. In addition, we offer seasonal fur storage in a secure temperature and humidity controlled vaults.


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